Build Thumb Stability, Preserve Joint Health, and Win Back Your Favorite Hobbies in 4 weeks

ESCAPE painful flareups and learn the EXACT exercises to build strong, stable thumbs.



30 Day Thumbs is a 4-week thumb arthritis training program for sufferers tired of struggling with thumb pain and looking for solutions to return back to activities you may have given up on.

Hosted and created by a Certified Hand Therapist and Occupational Therapist with 19 years of experience working with thousands of people with finger and thumb arthritis.

30 Day Thumbs has already started! 

But we know your thumb arthritis isn't going to wait. Join now and unlock instant access to all LIVE replays.

Here's What You'll Get

A 4 week exclusive exercise program tailored to stop thumb arthritis pain, prevent future flare ups, preserve joint health, and boost dynamic stability for optimal thumb use. 

Join me for a total of 4 LIVE training sessions throughout a whole month. During each LIVE, I'll coach you through a series of progressive stretches and exercises designed to build healthy, sustainable thumbs.

At the beginnning of each week, we will meet LIVE to work together on...


Week 1

August 7th- Catch the REPLAY!

Building Your Foundation.


Week 2

August 14th- Catch the REPLAY!

Stabilizing Your Thumb Joints.


Week 3

August 21st- Catch the REPLAY!

Re-educating Your Thumb Muscles.



Week 4

August 28th- Catch the REPLAY!

Restoring Functional Strength.


Plus, I'll share bonus pain free solutions you can immediately implement throughout your day and lifestyle modification hacks to achieve long term pain relief.

Then we’ll wrap up each LIVE with an invaluable Q & A session.

Every 1 hour LIVE is jam pack full of actionable information. 

"I don’t think there’s ever been anything I’ve purchased that has returned so much on my investment."
-Sally J.


Get crystal clear on how to build stable thumbs and achieve long term pain relief.


What's Inside 

You'll unlock a done-for-you calendar full of scientifically proven thumb arthritis exercises, lifestyle modification tips, resource guides, LIVE demonstrations, and Q & A with an expert to take the guess work out of what to do for your thumb arthritis.

  • 4-Week calendar filled with targeted thumb exercises and stretches. Taking you only 5-10 minutes a day.
  • 4-Weekly LIVE training sessions full of exercise demonstrations and lifestyle modification tips with Q & A.
  • Weekly email reminders with links to daily exercise videos and LIVE recordings.
  • 30 Day Thumb Library
  • Unlimited, lifetime access to all videos and material.
  • 30 Day Thumb Club Private Support Community to ask questions and connect with others. 
  • BONUS Sustainable Thumb Program to help you maintain your gains long after the program! 

PLUS you'll also get a comprehensive library of thumb related resources in my Thumbs Up Tool Kit including:

  • Instant Thumb Pain Relief Tips
  • Lifestyle Modification Guide
  • Thumb Braces and Supports Cheat Sheet
  • Gadget Guide


You'll never have to guess where to start when it comes to building strong thumbs. Learn exactly what to do when you join.


Don't just take my word for it - here's what past members have to say

"I really can’t express how valuable this course has been. After much searching I found Michelle’s YouTube videos and immediately recognized that her knowledge, experience and teaching skills FAR surpassed anything else available and always included ways to accommodate different people. By accident I watched one that announced the 30 Day Thumb program and I signed up immediately. I don’t think there’s ever been anything I’ve purchased that has returned so much on my investment.

There is no one anywhere near where I live that can help me with the pain and loss of function caused by my thumb arthritis. This course gave me the education and tools I need to decrease pain and increase the independence and quality of life I have been missing.

I have never experienced such an exceptionally well done program, from the live classes, to the library containing permanent downloadable videos of the classes, short videos of each exercise for quick reference, copious amount of information and examples of supports and protective gear, gadgets to help with daily tasks and how to modify use of your hands to prevent pain and future injury.

The other aspect of this course which is so exceptional is the level of communication Michelle encouraged and provided both during the live sessions and in between. There is no one more helpful and I felt so fortunate to have the opportunity to have all my concerns met and questions answered by such an expert in her field."

Sally J.

 "This class is fantastic! I had become so frustrated and sad that I wasn't able to crochet without pain. I found Michelle's YouTube videos and those helped but was very excited when she announced the 30 Day Thumb Program. I was cautiously optimistic but the results are phenomenal! I am almost pain free and can crochet again! The exercises don't seem like much in the beginning but they really work!!! Highly recommend this course."


"I found the program along with Michelle’s guidance very helpful and comforting to know how to properly stretch and strengthen my thumbs without doing further damage. I liked knowing I could pause and stay at the level I needed until I was ready to proceed. I felt supported because Michelle was available to ask questions by email or in the FB group. I am already seeing my thumbs getting stronger and I am encouraged for the first time in a long time!" 


"The stretches were an immediate improvement in managing pain. As a musician I find the stretches are handy before and after practice or performance. I was worried that I might have to have a surgical intervention, but now that is a distant idea, as i can feel stability in the joint and able to continue my practice. If i start getting pains, I can remedy with the stretches to get me through. The daily routine is easy to comply with."

Jim P.

"The 30 Day Thumb Arthritis Program is wonderful and will improve your thumb comfort, mobility, strength and functional use of your thumbs throughout your day. The references for thumb tools, supports and adaptations are extremely helpful."

Paula Wilbert, Wrist Assured Gloves Founder

"After 2 years of intense thumb pain, Michelle walked me through easy excercises that have hugely reduced my pain in just 2 days. She obvioulsy knows her trade, and communicates in ways that are crystal clear and understandable...she will help you."


"I am a massage therapist, and my thumbs are very valuable tools in my work. I have already implemented several of the stretches into my daily routine. At the end of a long work day my thumbs can be quite sore, and the things I learned in this program will lengthen my career."


"I am not exaggerating when I say that the 30-Day Thumb Program has changed my life - for the better. Retired for 12 years, I was diagnosed with thumb arthritis in both thumbs five years ago, more advanced in my right thumb.

I had learned to curtail many activities such as gardening. My strength in both hands weakened considerably which impacted daily activities such as cooking and cleaning. I learned how to protect my thumbs, but not how to strengthen and stabilize them.

This affordable program was engaging and fun with beautifully and intuitively organized lessons and materials. Weekly Zoom classes started off each week and were made available for later viewing. The course also contains a huge trove of resources such as a gadget guide and helpers such as braces.

Best is the huge number of excellent video lessons and demonstrations, with printable calendars to track progress and clarify the week’s activities.

Wonderful support groups were available throughout the program both within the program and in a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get direction from Michelle quickly.

I followed the program and gained mobility and found my thumb pain decreasing steadily throughout the program. The stretches and exercises are very subtle and specific. Despite a previous course of OT which was ineffective, in only one month I have regained my ability to do many of the activities I had given up.

The best part is that this course and all of the materials are available to me for life. Ongoing support will continue in the private Facebook group. The course concludes with a section to go beyond the course, providing lessons to sustain the gains we achieved. I could not ask for more, and I am so excited that my health and outlook have been enhanced by this program beyond my expectations. Highly recommended!"

Karen Fetty

"Program is well laid, proves a foundation on which to build your thumb health."


"At the end of two weeks of the program I was practically pain free and washing of dishes was much easier to do."


"Michelle is the real deal. She is compassionate about her services and truly seems to want the best for our thumbs!"


"After being diagnosed with arthritis in my thumbs, I was resigned to thumb pain. The 30 day Thumbs program gave me simple stretching and strengthening exercises to do on a daily schedule. Videos of the exercises were posted online and Michelle was extremely responsive to participants questions.

The other day I was cleaning the house and I found the analgesic cream I used to slather on my hands every evening. I haven’t used it in a couple of weeks! With the combination of exercises and attention to how I perform tasks that usually cause me pain, the pain in my thumbs has been reduced significantly!"



"Michelle is very knowledgeable, patient, and kind. It is plain to see that she really wants to help. I've learned a lot about how to take care of my thumbs. I am continuing to do the exercises, and I hope to have a lot of improvement in the near future."

Johnie Bischell

"The results I achieved from this training program were well beyond what I had hoped. In addition to being incredibly knowledgeable, Michelle is a great teacher, a supportive helper, and a fun and kind person. I had no idea my arthritic thumbs could function the way they do now after completing the program." 

Julie J.

"I have had numerous hand therapy appointments with a registered hand therapist and I learned a lot in those. This 30 Day Thumb Arthritis Training Program took me to the next level. Far more stretches and exercises all assembled in an easy gradient that you do at your own pace. Perfect. If I had to choose between 20 bi-weekly appointments with a hand therapist and this Thumb program I would choose this program. Two thumbs up!"


 "I liked your program very much, and have tremendous relief of my joint pain using the stretches, distractions, and being careful how I work with my hands. I appreciate that I can refer back to all the exercises and lifestyle hacks on the website whenever I need to. Thanks so much Michelle!."


"This program exceed my expectations!!!! If you want to find solutions to continue your daily activities and passions without pain, this is the best investment for your future!" 


"I was skeptical that an online program I stumbled across on YouTube could be so well organized and so effective at improving my thumb joint pain. Michelle’s program is very well thought out and thorough. You know from the start that she cares about the success of each participant in re-educating and reducing thumb joint pain. I feel I have all the tools I need now to maintain my joint integrity and keep my pain under control. I would recommend this course to anyone with thumb arthritis."


"I saw a noticeable improvement in my thumb arthritis.."


"I thought the live Zoom format with a moderately sized class (of around fifteen live participants) worked very well. The instructor took time to respond to all questions.."


"I'm really impressed with your organizational skills and knowledge. Very well put together."

Laura H.

"This programme was worth every penny! I feel much more confident that I can manage my thumb arthritis in future. It's good to know there's ongoing support available from Michelle and from fellow participants, and to be aware that I'm not alone."

Val S.